EEPROM Programming

Emerald-MM-8P has a 256-byte EEPROM, of which the lowest 64 bytes are addressable. The first eight locations are used to store the PCI vendor and device IDs, and the remaining bytes are available for user-defined functions.

EEPROM Address Function
0 PCI Vendor ID, low byte
1 PCI Vendor ID, high byte
2 PCI Device ID, low byte
3 PCI Device ID, high byte
4 PCI Subsystem Vendor ID, low byte
5 PCI Subsystem Vendor ID, high byte
6 PCI Subsystem Device ID, low byte
7 PCI Subsystem Device ID, high byte
8-63 User-defined

Refer to the Exar Corporation datasheet for the XR17D158 UART, listed in the Additional Information section of this document, for EEPROM programming procedures.