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Products   >   Services   >   End-of-Life Products   >   Quartz-MM DIO PC/104 Module
5 or 10 16-bit counter/timers
Extensive counting, gating and timing functions
Frequency and period measurement
PWM output capability
Built-in frequency generator
7MHz max input rate
20 MHz XT version
On-board 4MHz oscillator
16 TTL I/O lines (8 in, 8 out)
Software-enabled interrupts
Software and technical manual included
See Quartz-MM DIO PC/104 Module Technical Resources
Request Product information
Request Technical Support
9513 Counter/Timer IC Datasheet
(.pdf, 236.7 kb)
Quartz-MM Datasheet
(.pdf, 71.6 kb)
Quartz-MM Manual v1.5
(.pdf, 460.6 kb)
Quartz-MM Example Programs for DSCUD 5.91
(.zip, 760.5 kb)
Universal Driver Software

End of Life Item: Last Time Buy in Effect Through May 31, 2006
For replacement product see GPIO-MM

Quartz-MM DIO PC/104 Module

Advanced Counter/Timer and Digital I/O PC/104 Module

Quartz-MM DIO PC/104 Module
click for a larger image
9513 System Timing Controller IC
Free Software
I/O Header Pinout


Quartz-MM provides counter/timer and digital I/O features on a PC/104 module for digital control applications. The counter/timers are based on the AMD 9513 system timing controller IC, which is designed to provide a wide range of counting, sequencing, and timing functions (a detailed description of this chip is provided below). The board is available with either 1 or 2 chips installed to provide 5 or 10 counter/timers, respectively. In addition to counters, each chip has a programmable frequency generator circuit that can be used independently. The output of one frequency generator is available on the I/O header. A 4MHz oscillator is also included to provide an accurate on-board source for counter operation.

Digital features include 8 inputs, 8 outputs, and 1 interrupt input with software enable/disable control. When a counter output is wired to the interrupt input, Quartz-MM can generate PC interrupts at a programmable rate.

The 9513 System Timing Controller IC

The 9513 IC is an extremely flexible and powerful counter chip with a wide range of configurations and features completely under software control. This chip has the capability for programmable frequency synthesis, high-resolution programmable duty cycle waveforms, retriggerable digital one-shots, time-of-day clocking, coincidence alarms, complex pulse generation, high-resolution baud rate generation, frequency shift keying, event count accumulation, frequency generation and measurement, period measurement, and more.

Each 9513 chip contains 5 general-purpose 16-bit counters, each with its own input, gate, and output pins. A variety of internal frequency sources and external pins may be used as inputs to the counters under software control of input source and active edge polarity. Both hardware and software gating of each counter is available. The counter outputs are 3-state signals that can be active high or active low. The counters can be programmed to count up or down in either binary or BCD mode. The host CPU can read the contents of any counter at any time without disturbing the counting process, and multiple counters can be latched and read simultaneously to avoid introducing time skew in the readings. The counters can also be cascaded together under software control to produce any desired counter width from 16 to 80 bits.

All I/O signals are TTL compatible; the input and gate signals are connected to 10K Ohm pull-up resistors. An on-board 4MHz oscillator may be used as a count source, or the inputs may come from the gate or input signals which are available on the I/O header. The maximum input frequency for any counter is 7MHz in the current version; a 50MHz version is expected to be available 4Q97. In addition, a 5-stage internal programmable frequency generator inside each IC may be used as the input source for any of the counters on that chip. The output of one of these frequency generators is also available on the I/O header.

A full datasheet on the 9513 IC is provided in the Quartz-MM user manual to enable a complete understanding of this chip's capabilities and assist the user in taking full advantage of the chip. Many of the more popular functions are also implemented in the supplied driver software and example programs.

Free software

Quartz-MM comes with free driver software compatible with C and Basic languages. Example programs are included to get you started quickly. Some examples of the supported board operations are:

  • Configure counter/timers
  • Measure frequency / period
  • Interrupt-based counter/timer operations
  • Digital input, bit and byte
  • Digital output, bit and byte
  • Interrupt-driven digital I/O

I/O Header Pinout

In 1 1 2 In 2
Gate 1 3 4 Gate 2
Out 1 5 6 Out 2
In 3 7 8 In 4
Gate 3 9 10 Gate 4
Out 3 11 12 Out 4
In 5 13 14 Out 5
Gate 5 15 16 Frequency Output
In 6 17 18 In 7
Gate 6 19 20 Gate 7
Out 6 21 22 Out 7
In 8 23 24 In 9
Gate 8 25 26 Gate 9
Out 8 27 28 Out 9
In 10 29 30 Out 10
Gate 10 31 32 Interrupt Input
Digital Out 7 33 34 Digital In 7
Digital Out 6 35 36 Digital In 6
Digital Out 5 37 38 Digital In 5
Digital Out 4 39 40 Digital In 4
Digital Out 3 41 42 Digital In 3
Digital Out 2 43 44 Digital In 2
Digital Out 1 45 46 Digital In 1
Digital Out 0 47 48 Digital In 0
+5V 49 50 Ground


QMM-5 5, 16 bits wide
QMM-10 10, 16-bits wide
(Each group of 5 counters can be cascaded under software control)
Max. input frequency 7MHz, 20MHz (XT)
On-board osc. 4MHz .01% (100 ppm)
Signal type TTL
Input voltage, all inputs
Low -0.5V min, 0.8V max
High 2.2V min, 5V max
Input current 10A max
Output voltage, all outputs
Logic 0 0.0V min, 0.4V max@3.2mA max
Logic 1 2.4V min, 5.0V max@-200A max
Digital I/O
Compatibility TTL
Output port 8 bits
Output current 4mA max
Input port 8 bits
Operating temperature 0 - 60C standard, -40 to 85C extended
Power supply (outputs open)
QMM-5 +5V 10%@220mA typical
QMM-10 +5V 10%@290m
Weight -10: 3.0 oz/85g
-5: 2.7 oz/76g