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Products   >   Services   >   End-of-Life Products   >   Zircon-MM PC/104 Analog I/O Module
18 single-ended analog inputs, 8-bit resolution
0-2.5V, 0-1.25V analog input ranges
1 analog output, 8-bit resolution
0-2.5V, 0-1.25V analog output ranges
24 digital I/O lines (82C55)
40,000 samples/second A/D throughput
Requires only +5 power supply
Software and technical manual included
DX only: 32-bit counter/timer for A/D conversion timing
DX only: 16-bit counter/timer for general purpose use
DX only: 4MHz on-board clock oscillator to drive counter/timers
DX only: 0-5V, 5V, 2.5V, 1.25V analog input ranges
DX only: 2.5V, 1.25V analog output ranges
See Zircon-MM PC/104 Analog I/O Module Technical Resources
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Zircon-MM Manual v2.11
(.pdf, 466.2 kb)
82C55 Digital I/O IC Datasheet
(.pdf, 275.4 kb)
Zircon-MM Example Programs for DSCUD 5.9
(.zip, 868.3 kb)

Zircon-MM PC/104 Analog I/O Module

Low-Cost 8-bit Analog I/O PC/104 Module

Zircon-MM PC/104 Analog I/O Module
click for a larger image
Analog I/O Ranges
Digital I/O
Counter/Timer for A/D Pacer Clock
Free Software
I/O Header Pinout
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Zircon-MM is our entry-level PC/104 module for basic analog I/O applications that don't require high resolution. The 8-bit A/D and D/A converters are adequate for many price-sensitive applications. This cost-effective module offers high-speed (up to 40,000 samples/sec using interrupts) A/D conversions, 24 digital I/O lines, optional counter/timer for A/D conversion timing, external A/D trigger capability, and calibration-free operation

Three Models to Choose From

The basic Zircon-MM-LC has 8 single-ended 8-bit analog inputs, 1 8-bit analog output, unipolar (0-2.5V and 0-1.25V) input and output ranges, and 24 digital I/O lines. The mid-level LC2 version includes a clock oscillator and counter/timer to provide precise on-board control for A/D sampling rates and automatic operation, as well as general purpose counting and timing functions. The full-featured DX model (shown) has all these features plus bipolar input and output ranges, as well as an increased full-scale input swing of 0-5V in unipolar mode and 5V in bipolar mode.

Low Price, High Quality

At Diamond Systems, low price doesn't mean low quality. Zircon-MM still has a 4-layer circuit board with split analog and digital power and ground planes to minimize the effects of digital noise on the analog circuitry. And all versions require only +5V for operation, to help keep total system costs down.

Analog I/O Ranges

Depending on the model, different analog input and output ranges are available.

Input Range Resolution Model
0-1.25V 4.9mV 1.22 mV
0-2.5V 9.8mV 0.61mV
0-5V 19.5mV 0.305 mV
1.25V 9.8mV 0.153 mV
2.5V 19.5mV 0.0763 mV
5V 39.1mV 0.061 mV
Output Range Resolution Model
0-1.25V 4.9mV LC, DX
0-2.5V 9.8mV LC, DX
1.25V 9.8mV DX only
2.5V 19.5mV DX only

Digital I/O

Zircon-MM includes an 82C55 chip which provides 24 lines of digital I/O. The 82C55 is an industry standard device that allows flexible configuration, including programmable port directions and handshaking capability. All lines have 10KOhm pull-up resistors, and all lines are set to input mode on power-up or system reset.

Counter/Timer for A/D Pacer Clock

Models ZMM-LC2 and ZMM-DX have an on-board 4MHz clock oscillator and an 82C54 3-channel counter/timer IC. These models allow you to program the A/D conversion rate and have the board perform conversions automatically, transferring the data to system memory using interrupts. Two counter/timers are combined to provide the A/D timer, and the third counter/timer is available on the I/O header for general purpose use.

Free Software

Zircon-MM comes with free driver software compatible with C and Basic languages. Example programs are included to get you started quickly. Some examples of the supported board operations are:

  • A/D conversion on single channel
  • A/D conversion on multiple channels
  • Interrupt-based A/D conversions
  • Analog output on single channel
  • Analog output on both channels
  • Program counter/timers
  • Digital input, bit and nibble
  • Digital output, bit and nibble

I/O Header Pinout

Vin 7 1 2 Vin 6
Vin 5 3 4 Vin 4
Vin 3 5 6 Vin 2
Vin 1 7 8 Vin 0
Analog Ground 9 10 Analog Ground
V Out 11 12 Analog Ground
Analog Ground 13 14 Analog Ground
+5V Supply Output 15 16 -5V Supply Output (ZMM-DX only)
Analog Ground 17 18 Analog Ground
Digital Ground 19 20 External Trigger
Counters 1 & 2 Gate 21 22 Counter 0 In
Counter 0 Gate 23 24 Counter 0 Out
(Digital I/O Lines) A7 25 26 A6 (Digital I/O Lines)
A5 27 28 A4
A3 29 30 A2
A1 31 32 A0
C7 33 34 C6
C5 35 36 C4
C3 37 38 C2
C1 39 40 C0
B7 41 42 B6
B5 43 44 B4
B3 45 46 B2
B1 47 48 B0
+5V 49 50 Digital Ground


Analog Inputs
No./type of channels 8 single-ended
Resolution 8 bits (1 part in 256)
A/D conversion time 2.6 s max
Max. conversion time 40 kHz typical, interrupt-based single conversions; 40kHz, single channel; 64 kHz typical, interrupt-based 8-channel scan
Relative accuracy 1 LSB max
Offset error 3 LSB max
Full-scale error 1-4, +0 LSB mas
Input current LC, DX
300 A max
25 A max
Analog Outputs
No./type of channels 1, voltage output
Resolution 8 bits (1 part in 256)
Settling time 4 s max to 1/2 LSB
Offset error 2 LSB max
Full-scale error 2 LSB max
Digital I/O
Number of lines 24 (using 82C55 chip)
Direction Programmable in 4/8 bit groups
Compatibility TTL/CMOS
Pull-up resistors 10KΩ on each I/O line
Output current 2.5mA max per line
Counter/Timers (DX only)
No. of counter/timers 3, 16-bit
Compatibility TTL/CMOS
Max. input frequency 10MHz
On-board osc. 4MHz
Configuration Counters 1 and 2 cascaded for interrupts; Counter 0 free
Dimensions 3.55" x 3.775" (PC/104 standard)
Operating temperature 0 to +70C, Standard, -40 to +85C Extended
Power supply +5VDC 10%
Current consumption:
ZMM-DX 127mA
ZMM-LC (typical, all outputs open) 100MA
Weight -LC: 2.7 oz/76g
-DX: 3.0 oz/85g

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Zircon-MM PC/104 Analog I/O Module
available models:
Zircon-MM 8-ch 8-bit A/D Unipolar + 1-ch 8-bit D/A Unipolar
Zircon-MM 8-ch 8-bit A/D + 1-ch 8-bit D/A Plus Counter/timers
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