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We Sell Embedded Solutions.

Embedded system designers need more than products, they need solutions. That's why we offer these important services to enhance our embedded computer boards and help our customers get to market faster with better results:


We can customize our products easily to meet your requirements. Whether you need a simple connector change or a full custom CPU board, Diamond Systems can deliver. Click here for information on customization options.


We offer services to further enhance the already rugged nature of our boards. Conformal coating, jumperless configuration, burn-in, and shock & vibration testing are some of the services we offer to ensure that you get the quality and reliability you need. Click here to learn more about our ruggedization services.


Diamond Systems can build and test your complete embedded system and deliver a finished product. Design-in and warranty service programs provide complete support from start to finish. Click here to learn more.

COM Baseboards

A Computer-on-Module (COM) based design enables you to get your product to market faster and at lower cost by providing an off-the-shelf solution for the embedded computer, while still giving you the flexibility of a custom baseboard with your own I/O. Now Diamond's Custom COM Baseboard Program goes one step further by offering you off-the-shelf solutions for your I/O as well.

We can quickly create a custom COM baseboard to meet the specific needs of your application. Whether you just need COM functions brought to specific connectors in specific locations or substantial additional I/O functionality, Diamond's experienced engineering team delivers your design fast. We draw from our extensive library of field-proven I/O circuitry to create a design that works right the first time.


We offer extensive software support for most popular embedded operating systems, including Linux, QNX, Windows CE, Windows 2000/XP/XPe, and DOS.

Our software evaluation and development kits include a ready-to-run operating system image on a flashdisk module that plugs onto your CPU board and allows you to experience the operating system running on your board instantly.

We also offer unmatched programming support for our data acquisition boards. Our free Universal Driver software includes linkable libraries as well as example programs for each board, each function, and each operating system.

Find out how Diamond Systems accelerates time to market for embedded systems development projects.
Learn more about Diamond Systems.